Optimize data sharing along your Supply Chain

Digitizing data sharing and trust in supply chains increases efficiency and reduces fraud. identinet provides a highly secure and decentralized identity platform for your supply chain.

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About us

Trust between organizations in the key for efficiency and collaboration. Providing this trust in the digital realm has been an ongoing challenge with fraud and security issues undermining the potential of digital technologies. Founded by an expert in secure digital identity and blockchain, our products and services are enabling organizations to digitize their supply chains like never before.

What do we provide?

Our products and services.

Public Data Cockpit

The Management platform for your organizational Decentralized Identifiers (DID) and public Verifiable Credentials (VC) to digitize your supply chain.

Decentralized Identity Consulting

Do you want to explore or implement a Decentralized and Self-Sovereign Identity project? We are here to help by providing consulting, planning and development services.

DevOps Services via identiops.com

Our experience in operating IT services is also available for your organization. Contact us via identiops to advance your DevOps to the next level.

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