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Decentralized identity technology for Supply Chain efficiency

Jan Christoph Ebersbach founded identinet GmbH in 2023 with more than two decades of experience in digital identity technologies. The recent breakthroughs in Blockchain and subsequently in Decentralized and Self-Sovereign Identity lead him to the logistics sector and supply chains. He realized that there is a need for greater efficiency and digitization while maintaining trust and sovereignty for the individual enterprises. identinet focuses on creating software products that make decentralized identity technologies accessible to all participants in a supply chain.

Jan Christoph Ebersbach


Bremen, Deutschland

Our Values

Focusing on the goals of our customers gives us daily motivation for our work.

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    Focused on the Goal

    With a clear direction in our minds we support our customers and lead projects to success.

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    Continous Improvement

    Information technology advances quickly every day. We continuosly challenge and observe our products, processes, and market develpments to deliver the highest quality experience.

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    Better Open than Closed

    Linux and Open Source Software are the basis of many successful products and the drivers of innovation. This openness is part of our DNA and at the core for our innovative products.

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