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The breakthrough in Decentralized Identity enables increases in efficiency and collaboration between organizations that weren't possible before. We provide our expertise to projects that are exploring and implementing these groundbreaking technologies.

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We are working at the heart of the decentralized identity technology ecosystem.

Decentralized Identifiers

Standardized at the W3C, Decentralized Identifiers (DID) provide are the basis for creating digital identities. They are globally unique, controlled by the owner and secured with cryptographic technology to meet the highest security needs.

Verifiable Credentials

A Decentralized Identifier is the anchor of trust and security. With the anchor in place, data and information in the form of W3C standardized Verifiable Credentials can be attached to the DID. This makes the identifier usable and trustworthy in digital interactions.


For interacting with a Decentralized Identifier the communication protocol DIDComm is used. It provides an extendable API for secure interactions between organizations.

Decentralized Identity Foundation

DIF is a not for profit organization focused on the creation of a new decentralized identity ecosystem. We are an Associate Member of DIF and participate actively in the creation of technical specifications.

DIF Linked Verifiable Presentations

The Linked Verifiable Presentations specification was initiated by identinet to standardize the secure publication of Verifiable Credentials for a DID. This standard benefits supply chains by helping to keep data about suppliers up-to-date and to increase compliance with local laws by making verifiable data publicly available.


Over 100 DID methods have been created in the past years. did:web is the DID method for the web: easy to implement, cost efficient and human readable. We are committed to advancing this DID method and providing products and services to our customers for leveraging its potential.


Step 1: Identify and evaluate Use Case

Contact us and we will help to refine your use case.

Step 2: Select Technology Stack

Together we will find and select the technologies that are suited best for the solution.

Step 3: Architect and implement Solution

In close collaboration with your team we will architect and implement the solution.


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We will help to advance and implement your decentralized identity project.