Linked Verifiable Presentations


Welcome to the future of data sharing in supply chains! Linked Verifiable Presentations is the groundbreaking standard that facilitates the seamless publication of Verifiable Credentials and their discovery via Decentralized Identitifiers. This standardization initiative is done openly as work item within the Decentralized Identity Foundation’s Identitfiers & Discovery working group.

At identinet, we champion and actively contribute to this standardization effort as an important aspect of our vision to digitize data sharing in supply chains. Our aspiration is to establish the foundation for publicly accessible information about organizations. The data shall be comprehensive and verifiable so that it can become the basis for creating robust and secure digital business relationships.

From the initial onboarding of new suppliers and customers to the continuous updating of of supply chain information, data sharing is a critical component. Much of this data, such as business registration documents, contact information, and compliance certifications like ISO certificates, is already public. However, until now, it has lacked a standardized, machine-readable format and data verifiability.

Enter Linked Verifiable Presentations, where the discovery of verifiable and machine-readable data becomes streamlined and standardized, granting full control over the data to individual organizations within supply chains. Our vision is that organizations will be treating the maintenance of public verifiable credentials with the same diligence as they are managing public websites today.

We extend an invitation for you to actively participate in this standardization effort by contributing to the GitHub repository and joining the monthly meetings. Additionally, we are enthusiastic about engaging in conversations with you regarding this emerging technology and exploring how our services and products can play a pivotal role in digitizing and enhancing supply chains.

Join us in shaping the future of secure, transparent, and efficient data sharing. Together, we can redefine the landscape of digital trust in business relationships.

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